Reading The Memory Painter at The Ripped Bodice

I haven’t done a photo album post in a while detailing an event because I have been so busy writing, but for my reading yesterday of The Memory Painter at The Ripped Bodice with Lady Jane’s Salon OC, I just had to do one.

Let me just start by saying how excited I’ve been that I was going to read at America’s First All-Romance Bookstore. I heard The Ripped Bodice had opened in the heart of Culver City and read this article that RWA had been circulating. The bookstore sounded like a romance lover’s dream. Here are the owners, sisters Bea and Leah Koch, who conjured up this lovely place.


When I arrived there was a glare on the window so it’s hard for you to see how charming this storefront really is. Above the store’s name they hung “Love Wins.” I couldn’t agree more.


Inside the space is just enchanting, inviting, open and airy                                                           (visit their website for a better look inside). There are velvet sofas                                              and fun displays. On the walls beside bookshelves are family pictures                                   which give the space an even more special feel.

Here is the manifesto by the door:


The reading last night was part of Lady Jane’s Salon OC, which is headed by author Beth Yarnall. Lady Jane’s Salon has moved to The Ripped Bodice to host their monthly readings. Here is the website and calendar. Reading last night too were authors Mia Hopkins, Laura Drake and Kirsten Hallie Krum.


Here I am with Fabio trying to decide what excerpt to read…


We discussed my options…


There is a little stage with a very cozy chair. I read the scene where Bryan comes to Linz’s home for the first time and they do the puzzle together. The audience was wonderful.


Thank you Bea, Leah and Beth for a fantastic event. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, make a special trip to visit The Ripped Bodice bookstore. You will walk out with a smile on your face from all the love that is packed inside those walls. I did!

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