Houston – Brazos Reading

This last week I flew to Houston to do a reading at Brazos Bookstore on Friday evening 5/8. Earlier in the day one of my oldest friends threw a book luncheon at her house and Brazos also came to sell books to everyone. It was a fantastic day start to finish.

Here’s a few photos at the bookstore starting with the outside. It’s such a great store and in a perfect location right in the Village. To find out more about Brazos, click here to visit their website.


Setting out chairs in the main room and getting ready…



Houston is my hometown so a lot of family and friends came. It was a wonderful reunion.


Here I’m talking about the journey to publication & doing a reading…


Signing one of my oldest friend’s books… She drove me to the after party and when she started the car, the audiobook was playing, which really surprised me. They were in ancient Egypt.


After signing books, the bookstore asked me to sign the back of a chair – A fun tradition.(And it is actually challenging to sign the back of a chair. Now I know.)

HoustonReading-SigningChair BrazosChair


Here is the Brazos team – a huge thanks to them for a fantastic night.


Also special thanks to Charlotte Schillaci & Friedhelm Luening for taking photos. And a big thank you to Julia Burke for making the trip so special.


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