The Memory Painter’s First Anniversary

I haven’t done a blog post in a while and I couldn’t let 4/28 go by without one. Last year at this time I was getting ready for the launch party and I was a bundle of excitement.

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since The Memory Painter came out, but what a fantastic year it’s been, from the readings to the book festivals and conferences. And hearing from readers and talking with book clubs has been such a joy. Thank you everyone for all your support and enthusiasm. It’s been a wonderful journey this past year.

On the horizon, The Memory Painter is going to be coming out in paperback on July 5th and I’m looking forward to seeing the new cover in the flesh. Also there are some foreign editions out this year that I can’t wait to see. I’ll be posting more on those later. Right now I’ve been a complete hermit working on my next book. (I’ll most likely be talking about it sometime over this summer.)

I also have some calendar events lined up. 

If you’re in the LA area I’ll be taking part at the El Segundo Author Fair on June 12th. I’ll also be doing a reading at The Ripped Bodice  in July with Lady Jane’s Salon that I’m looking forward to (hmm, what chapter to read??) Then in September I’m going to be speaking at Southern California Writers’ Conference. If you’re attending any of these, please say hello!

To celebrate the anniversary today, I’m including a link to the Book Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.02.54 PM

& Here’s a little nostalgia with the launch party blog post a year ago along with a picture of the book cake we had (all chocolate of course)…

GWEN 000042

Cheers & Thanks!




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