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The Memory Painter Launch Party Photo Album




Yesterday was the launch party for The Memory Painter at The Last Bookstore in LA. It was a fantastic night. Here are a few photos capturing the evening, photography by Mike Fanning.

GWEN 000002 GWEN 000003

GWEN 000017

The bookstore is a gorgeous space. There is a wraparound balcony along the second floor where you can look down.

GWEN 000023 GWEN 000029

GWEN 000042      And the cake arrives. 🙂

Partymenu GWEN 000085

For the party we had finger foods and cocktails. (Thank you Bite Catering Couture & BarTime)

The specialty cocktail for the evening was a Purple Pushkin. What’s in a Purple Pushkin, you ask? An equal mix of vodka, pineapple juice & Chambord served over ice. Please try it.

GWEN 000064 LastBookStoreReading

The Before and After shot (top right photo taken by someone in the crowd)…

GWEN 000129       Reading the opening pages of the book.

GWEN 000134

I love this picture. The man leaning against the pillar on the right side is Will Damron, the narrator of the audiobook. I’m about to surprise everyone and announce that he is here and going to come up and do the second reading.

GWEN 000140     Will Damron reading from Ch 21.

This was a real treat and a highlight of the evening. If you want to learn more about Will’s work you can visit his website and here’s a link to the audiobook.


GWEN 000190         Signing books with a Purple Pushkin nearby.

GWEN 000250   Will Damron signing an audiobook while I watch.

Thank you Mike Fanning for all the pictures & a special thanks to The Last Bookstore and their wonderful crew for hosting the party. It was a special night.