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The Memory Painter Blog Tours in July

The Memory Painter is having two blog tours this month to celebrate the paperback release with TLCBookTours & Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.

Here are the schedules below if you’d like to see reviews and a handful of interviews.

Sending my thanks to all the bloggers for being a part of the tours!

TLC Tour Schedule

Monday, July 4th: Lilac Reviews

Tuesday, July 5th: Kahakai Kitchen

Check out the rice balls Kahakai Kitchen made, inspired by the book. She also listed all the food mentioned in the novel, which was fun!

Wednesday, July 6th: Dreaming Big 

Thursday, July 7th: 100 Pages a Day…Stephanie’s Book Reviews

Friday, July 8th: Art @ Home

Review includes some of Jan van Eyck’s artwork!

Monday, July 11th: A Bookish Affair

Wednesday, July 13th: Ms. Nose in a Book

Thursday, July 14th: Broken Teepee

Monday, July 18th: No More Grumpy Bookseller

Tuesday, July 19th: From the TBR Pile

Wednesday, July 20th:

Thursday, July 21st: Bibliotica


HFVBT Tour Schedule

There is a Giveaway happening with the HFVBT tour for a $25 Barnes&Noble gift card with a vegvisir decal and Eye of Horus Necklace.

Wednesday, July 6
Review at Creating Herstory

Thursday, July 7
Review & Excerpt at The Book Junkie Reads
Excerpt at Diana’s Book Reviews

Friday, July 8
Review at Oh, for the Hook of a Book!
Review at Library Educated
Review at Just One More Chapter
Excerpt at What Is That Book About

Saturday, July 9
Interview at The Book Junkie Reads
Spotlight at Passages to the Past

Sunday, July 10
Review at One Book Shy of a Full Shelf

Monday, July 11
Review at Book Nerd
Review at Layered Pages
Interview at Oh, for the Hook of a Book!

Tuesday, July 12
Review at Jorie Loves a Story
Review at CelticLady’s Reviews
Interview at History From a Woman’s Perspective

The Memory Painter is out in paperback!

Today The Memory Painter is out in paperback! It’s been a fun day checking in on social media. I really appreciate all the warm wishes and book love. My family celebrated tonight at a Mexican restaurant with margaritas (my request).

In July I’m doing two blog tours, one with TLC Book Tours and Historical Fiction Virtual Tours. And if you’re in the LA area, I’ll be doing a reading of The Memory Painter next Sunday at The Ripped Bodice bookstore at 4pm with Lady Jane’s Salon. Come and join us!


A Box of Books!

This lovely present arrived on my doorstep!


I’m so excited to finally have the paperback in hand. I have a copy sitting on my desk and I can’t stop staring at the new cover. I just love it. The book has such a fantastic feel.

The paperback will be out in stores on 7/5 and is a July pick by the American Booksellers Association. Many thanks to the ABA & Independent Booksellers for their support!



The Memory Painter’s First Anniversary

I haven’t done a blog post in a while and I couldn’t let 4/28 go by without one. Last year at this time I was getting ready for the launch party and I was a bundle of excitement.

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since The Memory Painter came out, but what a fantastic year it’s been, from the readings to the book festivals and conferences. And hearing from readers and talking with book clubs has been such a joy. Thank you everyone for all your support and enthusiasm. It’s been a wonderful journey this past year.

On the horizon, The Memory Painter is going to be coming out in paperback on July 5th and I’m looking forward to seeing the new cover in the flesh. Also there are some foreign editions out this year that I can’t wait to see. I’ll be posting more on those later. Right now I’ve been a complete hermit working on my next book. (I’ll most likely be talking about it sometime over this summer.)

I also have some calendar events lined up. 

If you’re in the LA area I’ll be taking part at the El Segundo Author Fair on June 12th. I’ll also be doing a reading at The Ripped Bodice  in July with Lady Jane’s Salon that I’m looking forward to (hmm, what chapter to read??) Then in September I’m going to be speaking at Southern California Writers’ Conference. If you’re attending any of these, please say hello!

To celebrate the anniversary today, I’m including a link to the Book Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.02.54 PM

& Here’s a little nostalgia with the launch party blog post a year ago along with a picture of the book cake we had (all chocolate of course)…

GWEN 000042

Cheers & Thanks!




Reflections on Time & A Debut Year ~ 2015

Time is a funny thing. I remember the anticipation I felt as 2015 loomed with my debut novel coming out in April. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like and now here we are eight months later and I’m looking back in hindsight, filled with a lot of gratitude. Thank you to all the readers who wrote to me, to everyone who came to the readings, to all the book clubs who made The Memory Painter one of their picks for this year (I Skyped, Facetimed, e-chatted, drove, lunched, and I loved every minute), thank you to the booksellers, bloggers and reviewers for spreading the word, to the libraries, bookstores, conferences and festivals that invited me to come, and to the fellow writers I met along the way. And a huge thank you to my agent, editor, and publishing team at Picador as well as my family and friends for their support. It’s been a fantastic first year.

Looking ahead to 2016, I’ll be busy working on a new story that I’m very excited about. Also, the paperback for The Memory Painter will be out on 7/5 as well as some other foreign editions. I have some book events scheduled too I’m looking forward to as well. (Note to self: Update calendar)

But right now as the New Year turns, I wanted to end with a poem I have been meaning to share. When I was in Austin for the Texas Book Festival in October I encountered a group of poets writing on vintage typewriters and composing poems on the fly (and for free) for anyone and everyone. They call themselves Typewriter Rodeo and I could not have been more taken. At the festival I stood in line to get a poem, and I chose a poet named David who was wearing a cool Fedora, Clark Kent glasses and had a pencil tucked behind his ear. He asked me what I wanted it to be about and I said: Time.

I watched him write this poem and now it’s my 2015 keepsake:


A Poem On the Subject of Time (For Gwen)


My favorite thing about it may be

That like so many

of my favorite things

It doesn’t really exist

It’s a product of perception

A trick of the light

Physics has proven

that it looks the same

forwards and backwards

And everything that can exist


So take a step back

Consider a human life, viewed

from an extra-temporal


It’s like a long, fleshy worm

Twining around all the places we’ve ever been

Or will go

With two fixed endpoints

And no decisions to be made

It’s a beautiful thing,

If you look at it right

If you can afford

To take the time.



Happy New Year everyone!

Peace & Love,