A Starred Review from Library Journal

The Memory Painter has received its first review from Library Journal!

“Bryan Pierce has always had vivid nightmares. These disturbing dreams inspire the riveting paintings that have made him an acclaimed artist. When he meets a young geneticist named Lindsay (Linz) Jacobs, who also lives in Boston, she reacts viscerally to his painting of a woman who was burned as a martyr in ancient Rome. Linz is the daughter of a scientist who had worked on a controversial Alzheimer’s drug and who is now the head of a huge pharmaceutical firm. He and his partners had experimented with the drug themselves in the past and two had died in a mysterious lab explosion. In this fast-paced first novel, reincarnation is a dangerous business. Bryan and Linz experience the lives and deaths of people in the past, some of them famous, while being pursued each time by a deadly enemy.

VERDICT It’s best not to try to analyze the ambitious plot of this thriller, which combines romance, fantasy, and adventure; just hang on for a wild and entertaining ride around the world and through the centuries back to ancient Egypt.—Leslie Patterson, Rehoboth, MA”


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